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next research seminar at IFPRI Kampala

2014 March 27
by bvancampenhout

copyright CYMMIT

copyright CYMMIT

We are pleased to invite you to the next CGIAR-Uganda Research-seminar at IITA/IFPRI, Naguru East Road plot 15, Kampala on Wednesday 2th of April from 14.00 to 15.00 PM

Promoting Sustainable Adoption of High-Yielding Maize: Evidence from BRAC Uganda's Agriculture Programme, Baseline Analysis


Jonah Rexer, Research Associate, BRAC Uganda Research and Evaluation Unit


While there is a large literature on evaluating the effectiveness of both agricultural extension services and input supply chain interventions, there is relatively little empirical analysis of the sustainability of such interventions once external supports are removed. This report presents an experimental design and baseline analysis to evaluate the sustainability of agricultural extension services provided by the non-profit BRAC Uganda. The study compares the effect sustainability of a) improved seed provision through community-based agro-dealers and b) agricultural training and farmer group-formation through extension agents. Employing cross-sectional baseline data on 1,659 farming households in Eastern Uganda, this report analyzes correlates of adoption of high-yielding variety (HYV) maize seed sold by BRAC, the demand function for these seeds, and early treatment effects of a randomized phase-out of the two interventions. We find that adoption of BRAC seed is driven primarily by household poverty, assets, and farm size. However, free seed distribution increases adoption, and is not found to act as a disincentive. The demand function for BRAC seed appears to be discontinuous and relatively elastic at lower quantities. Treatment effects of phasing out agro-dealers on adoption of BRAC and HYV seeds are negative, indicating a lack of sustainability, but also an important market-clearing role. Preliminary analysis of a production function indicates yield effects of HYV seed in general, but not from the BRAC "brand."
Please note that the *next* CGIAR-Uganda Research- seminar will be on Wednesday May 7nd, 2014, 14.00 PM.

If you are interested to present at a CGIAR-Uganda Research-seminar, please let us know!

CGIAR-Kampala research seminars take place every first wednesday of the month between 2 and 3 pm. They are born out of the desire of a group of researchers to discuss their research in depth to peers, as opposed to presenting summaries and policy recommendations in our daily outreach to policy makers. As such, potential presenters should not shy away from more technical issues that they want comments and feedback on.

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