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Collective Learning Workshop to officially launch PASIC project at Kabira Country Club

2014 April 10
by bvancampenhout

pasicworkshopToday, IITA, IFPRI, EPRC and MAAIF are organizing a collective learning workshop at the Kabira Country Club in Kampala. This serves at the same time to officially launch the Policy Action for the Sustainable Intensification of Crops in Uganda (PASIC) project.


The minister of agriculture, Tess Bucyanayandi shared with us, during his opening speech, the challenges he faces when during policy making and implementation as a minister.   These include limited involvement of stakeholders in policy formulation and implementation, and the often long and complicated process of implementing the policies. He also mentioned that it is often not clear which institutions and organizations are responsible  and should be hold accountable for delays in implementation.  In addition, poor monitoring and evaluation of policies was mentioned as key constraints. Policies also often  are born out of ideology instead being based in solid, evidence based research.

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