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USSP Working/Background Papers

Van Campenhout, B, Pauw, K. and Minot, N., (2013) The impact of food price shocks in Uganda - First-order versus long-run effects, IFPRI Discussion paper 1284


Fiedler, J L., Kikulwe, E M. and Birol, E, (2013) An ex ante analysis of the impact and cost-effectiveness of biofortified high-provitamin A and high-iron banana in Uganda, IFPRI Discussion paper 1277
Behrman, J, Billings, L, Peterman, A (2013) Evaluation of grassroots community–based legal aid activities in Uganda and Tanzania, CAPRi Working Paper No. 108

Mukwaya, P., Bamutaze, Y., Mugarura, S., Benson, T. 2012. Rural-urban transformation in Uganda. IFPRI –USSP Working Paper no. 10.

Kraybill, D., Bashaasha, B., Betz, M. 2012. Production and marketed surplus of crops in Uganda, 1999-2006. IFPRI –USSP Working Paper no. 9.

Bolwig, S. 2012. Poverty and gender effects of smallholder organic contract farming in Uganda. IFPRI –USSP Working Paper no. 8.

Birner, R., Cohen, M. J., Ilukor, J., Muhumuza, T., Schindler, K., Mulligan, S. 2011. Rebuilding agricultural livelihoods in post-conflict situations. IFPRI –USSP Working Paper no. 7.

Kaspersen, L.L. & Føyn, T.H.Y. 2010. Price transmission for agricultural commodities in Uganda: An empirical vector autoregressive analysis. IFPRI –USSP Working Paper no. 6.

Malaiyandi, S., Bayite-Kasule, S. & Mugarura, S. 2010. Enterprise Budget Survey: An analysis of crop and livestock enterprises. IFPRI – USSP Working Paper no. 5.

Kraybill, D. & Kidoido, M. 2009. Analysis of relative profitability of key Ugandan agricultural enterprises by agricultural production zone. IFPRI – USSP Background Paper no. 4.

Muwanga-Zake, E.S.K. Background to and issues in designing a system for the collection of agricultural statistics in Uganda. IFPRI – USSP Background Paper no. 3.

Hill, V.H., Bernard, T. & Dewina, R. 2008. Cooperative behaviour in rural Uganda: Evidence from Uganda national household survey 2005. IFPRI – USSP Background Paper no. 2.

Benson, T. & Mugarura, S. 2008. An assessment of the likely impact on Ugandan households of rising global food prices. IFPRI – USSP Background Paper no. 1.

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